Our Story

Coast Renewables is a small collective of electricians and technicians with extensive experience in the renewable energy field. We’ve spent years designing, installing and supporting systems in the real-world. 

We prefer to partner with local electricians and support them to provide their customers the best products and services available. We can do this without adding to their costs or spreading themselves too thin learning new and changing technology, codes and design practices. 

And we are happy to provide customers access to our network of qualified electricians who can offer installation services, often for more than just your renewable energy system!

Call us today at 1-888-252-6278, we are here to help!

Building an off-grid cabin? Want to add solar to your current home or business? We have the right solutions for a lifetime of worry-free operation. And we are very experienced with remote installations and the unique logistics required to achieve success. 

Just looking to up your “glamping” game, or hit the water and not look back? We’ve got systems for boats, RV’s, trucks and trailers too!

Call 1-888-252-6278 and let us get you powered up!


Will Brooke

After decades spent writing software and supporting IT infrastructure, Will has spent the past 10 years in the renewable energy industry. Designing, installing and supporting systems that meet customers needs – ranging from community sized power stations, cabins and cottage systems, grid-tied and even portable power systems – has been a source of pride and a welcome challenge in our changing world.

Will and his family love adventuring and are slowly building out their ideal 4×4 overlanding rig. He grew up sailing, building and repairing boats, and see’s the overlanding trend as just “cruising on land” that opens up a new avenue for family experiences. Their R50 Pathfinder “Finn” currently enjoys a 600W sinewave inverter, 340W of solar on a Victron Smart MPPT, and a 2.4kWh (1.8kWh usable) “house” battery bank, with DC breaker based protection for all equipment. 

JD Baillie

JD Baillie has spent decades in the telecom industry, installing equipment and supporting customers and small businesses.  He has been providing sales support and design services in the renewable industry for the last decade. 

JD has been working with renewable power since the mid 70’s. JD, Will and Owen were part of a team that designed and deployed remote off-grid community power systems from 12kW to 100kW, and remote telecom power systems with unique requirements for fly-in and high altitude servicing.

JD lives aboard his sailboat and is off-grid in the summer months with 390W of solar and a 3kWh (1.5kWh usable) battery bank. A small wind turbine is being tested this winter and will make a welcome addition for next season.

Owen Low

Owen is a fixture of the renewable energy industry, having completed his first micro-hydro installation in the early 80’s. He has provided mentoring and training to both Will and JD over the years. For particularly troubling issues or exceptionally interesting projects, Owen lends his vast expertise to help ensure success.

Owen lives off-grid aboard his wooden schooner, which enjoys twin electric drives, and a unique power plant with 27kWh battery bank and 4kW of inverter capacity. There is an additional house bank with 4kWh (3kWh usable) of lead-carbon batteries and a 1kW inverter. A modest 360W of deck-mounted PV using Victron MPPT control helps keep things topped up, and for long durations, a dock-side array and wind turbine can be deployed.